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In this evocative debut, Shubham Shukla weaves a tapestry of verse that delves into the heart’s deepest dialogues with destiny. In “The Sunshine of All My Lives,” each poem is a stepping stone on a path that traverses the realms of the mortal and the divine, the lucid and the lunatic. Shukla’s pen dances between structured rhyme schemes and the liberated currents of free verse, crafting an internal monologue that resonates with the universal quest for meaning.

As the poet pledges his verses to the sunshine of his life, he encounters trials that test the very fabric of his being. These challenges unfold themselves like petals of an ever-blooming flower, revealing layers of truth and transformation.

This collection is a chronicle of love’s resilience against the caprices of fate. It is a testament to the power of poetry to navigate through life’s tempests and to find solace in the warmth of one’s own inner light. Embark on this odyssey and discover how the whispers of a poet can echo in the chambers of your own heart.

The Sunshine of All My Lives

SKU: 9789360941437
  • Author's Name: Shubham Shukla

    About the Author: Shubham Shukla, a wordsmith and a wanderer through the gardens of literature, has journeyed from the studious halls of academia to the bustling world of journalism. With a soul steeped in the rich traditions of classical writers and a heart that beats to the rhythm of the Romantic era, Shukla’s obsession with poetry, prose, and art has been the compass guiding his life’s voyage since his earliest days. His pen, a vessel navigating the seas of human emotion, captures the essence of existence in verses that resonate with timeless beauty. Shukla’s collection of poems is not merely an anthology but a portal to an era when poetry was the heartbeat of the passionate and the voice of the introspective. In this debut collection, Shukla invites readers to waltz with him through the shadowed corridors of history, to a time when every word was a brushstroke on the canvas of imagination. For those who yearn for a taste of the sublime, let these poems be your absinthe, a sip of the divine.
    Book ISBN: 9789360941437
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