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Description of the Book :


A trip through 20 days of verses reflecting how we fluctuate, progress and regress on our journey to find happiness in ourselves. This book shows how it feels to take control of your story, embrace all its parts, and celebrate all the snatches of happiness and joy we can find.

The sun shines out of me - Short verses and random thoughts

  • Author's Name :  Amyrah Rahman
    About the Author :  Amyrah is a recent graduate who lives at home in London. She works full time for a charity and is passionate about trying to make the world a fairer, more equal place. She believes that we should never give up our dream for a better world. This is her first collection of poetry, written to reflect what it feels like to move into a new chapter where you are healing and growing into yourself. Amyrah is hoping to one day complete the book she’s had saved on her laptop for the past 7 years.
    Book ISBN :  9780463695982
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