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Description of the Book :


In my poetry book I hope I will give you some food for thought, make you laugh, cry and everything in between. For me writing poetry is in part a therapeutic process especially putting pen to paper or moreover typing madly away on my ever expanding notes pages on my phone. Poetry allows me the freedom to explore, express and challenge my thoughts, emotions and feelings.

The Sun Behind The Clouds

  • Author's Name : Eleanor Barlow
    About the Author : Eleanor Barlow is an aspiring poet in her free time when she is not juggling between working at Waitrose and at Bipolar UK (a small London based charity). Since being diagnosed with Bipolar in 2015, Eleanor has strived to understand more about her condition whilst making other aware through the work she does and the blogs she writes for Bipolar UK. Eleanor uses poetry as her creative outlet to explore topics close to her heart and to delve into the highs and lows of life and the thoughts and feelings that come with them.
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