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Description of the book


This book is a journey of heartbreak, grief of losing a loved one and coming to terms with it, how the faith is shaken and realising that healing isn’t a one sided process. No matter how deep the hurt is, how lost you feel, Hope and love will eventually find its way. It is a product of all the struggles with anxiety, a journey to self acceptance and self love, each poem is a description of conflict of overwhelming emotions and how to cope with them. 


The strings of heart

  • Author Name: Navjot Kaur
    About the Author: Navjot kaur is a simple small town girl who is trying to make all her dreams come true. Proud of her alma mater, IIT Roorkee , she is an academic and now working full time as an Executive officer for the government, But she never gave up on her dream of becoming a writer. A mountain explorer, she loves to travel to new places. She wants to inspire fellow human beings and leave a legacy that she is proud of.
    Book ISBN: 9781005911003


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