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Description of the Book :


"This collection of poems tells a story; My story. And perhaps yours. 
I tell how my life has been transformed through paragraphs written with the most human emotions that I can express. In this book, you will find poems about life, love, childhood, how it feels to live with the depths of darkness, your place in the world, how to coexist with your existence, and the future. I intend to connect with you to the point that we both share the same story."

The Story of Our Existence

  • Author's Name : María Sulbarán
    About the Author : "Venezuelan inexperienced writer and college student hoping to touch lives through my words. Art has always been my most effective method of communication. From a very young age I discovered that putting my feelings, ideas and desires on paper is the most powerful way I have to express myself. Being able to create a feeling or provoke a reaction in someone else is what motivated me to stop writing just for myself."
    Book ISBN : 9798420595848
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