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Description of the Book :


“Everyone I’ve ever loved has stained themselves on my soul” Each and every one of us will experience love, whether from a parent, friend, partner or someone who passes fleetingly through our lives. Love, of course, often comes with the inevitable trauma of heartbreak and that moment of hopelessness that accompanies it. The most brutal suffering we face is often directed at us by those who are unable to grasp that in order to move forward, sometimes we have to dig our own paths. This short book of poetry, The Stitches on My Heart, digs deep into the feelings that many people have but are somehow unable to articulate to others. It tells of the author’s own hopelessness and despair and yet still carries an underlying message of hope that transcends the pain. It is a book designed for those who feel the same way, and can be read in one sitting or whenever you have a few spare moments and need to remind yourself that you are never alone.

The Stitches on my Heart : A memoir of scars

  • Author's Name: Ngoc Tram Hong
    About the Author: Ngoc Tram Hong is a first-generation Vietnamese-Australian, born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. Although obtaining her Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Australia, she has always had a fascination with the arts, whether it be writing, drawing or painting. Drawing her inspiration from the works of Taylor Swift and Michael Faudet, Ngoc Tram learned that the best way to communicate the complex array of human emotions was through poetry and music, tackling topics such as love, depression, culture and loss through her writing.
    Book ISBN: 9781005381165


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