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Description of the Book:


Love, Heartbreak and other thoughts.

The Space Between

SKU: 9789363317703
  • Author's Name: Heidy Lozano

    About the Author: From an early age, Heidy found solace and inspiration in the act of writing. With a notebook as their constant companion, they penned thoughts, short stories, and poems, though it wasn't until later in life that they found the courage to share their creations with others. The journey into storytelling began with a familial influence; Heidy's father, a music composer, sparked a creative flame that eventually evolved into a passion for writing. Drawing from this inspiration, She embarked on a path of self-expression through words, gradually realizing the power and beauty of storytelling. A pivotal moment solidified their commitment to writing as a career: the experience of overcoming their first heartbreak through writing. This cathartic process unveiled the therapeutic nature of storytelling, igniting a profound understanding of writing as a form of healing and self-expression. Themes of love and heartbreak permeate Heidy's writing, reflecting universal emotions that resonate deeply with readers. Drawing from personal experiences, they infuse their characters with authenticity, with many embodying facets of her own lived experiences and emotions. Beyond writing, Heidy finds inspiration in music, another form of creative expression that holds a significant place in her life. They revel in the emotive power of music, often finding parallels between the lyrical content of songs and the themes explored in their writing. Music serves as both a source of inspiration and a means of setting the mood for their storytelling endeavors. Through their eclectic blend of personal experiences, emotions, and creative influences, Heidy crafts immersive worlds and characters that captivate readers, inviting them on journeys of introspection, empathy, and discovery.
    Book ISBN: 9789363317703
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