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Description of the Book:

This is an ordinary Book, nothing here is new however, its an attempt to give my feeling a beautiful shape so I could do two things, share my blessings so people believe that Goodness still exists, and share that few experiences tha are often regrets but are actually Life's most priceless lessons.
So here I am with open arms, inviting you to spend your valuable time while I share the very essence of my life,

The_Soulified - Redefined

  • Author Name: B Sushmitha Achar
    About the Author:  Hey there! Thank you for choosing to read me! It's been one beautiful journey with life so far and all I have to say is "Grateful" to each and everything that came in as a blessing and as a lesson. I believe in Transforming perceptions of self into reality which brings in a lot of priceless learnings from people around.
    Book ISBN: 9788610969375


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