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Description of the Book :


The mind of a misfit, words was all she had to walk through life.

The soul of a misfit

  • Author's Name : Carrie-Ella Georgina Crozier
    About the Author : Carrie-Ella was raised in a small town in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, called Higham Ferrers, which is steeped in history, She was brought up by her two parents Gillian and Michael. Her father was brought up in England and had careers in the leather industry, on fishing trawlers and he was the frontman of his own band stemming from the 60s to the 80s. He loved and still loves the rockabilly music and lifestyle and has allowed Carrie-Ella the opportunity to love it also. Carrie-Ella loved going to gigs and meeting people of all walks of life through that experience. Her mother earned her own income bringing in money to the family home equally. Also Carrie-Ella's Grandfather, her mother's father had a career in the Royal Air Force, which he later settled in Wymington with the woman he fell in love with, Carrie-Ella's Grandmother, he worked at Bedford prison opening the gateway for Carrie-Ella's parents to meet, which inturn allowed her to be gifted with life. Her mother had the opportunity to see the world on his postings, allowing her to see the world she wouldn't have seen otherwise. Which her mother talked about with great pride as Carrie-Ella grew up. Her mother's family originates from Scotland, this made Carrie-Ella immensely proud of her Scottish heritage. Both sides of her family, the Crozier and Middleton line are full of strong, courageous people, living and ones that have passed over. She has been hugely lucky of the gift of two sets of wonderful grandparents, a third of them already passed over. These people along with her parents have their own parts in who Carrie-Ella is today in her heart. Growing up Carrie-Ella was always different from everyone around her, with a misfit heart and an old school soul. She is often misunderstood because she has always been different to those around her. She never really fitted in, it wasn't her thing, others perceived this as a bad thing but Carrie-Ella found this was her greatest asset. She has been through a lot of struggles and heartache in her life but she has never left it define her as a person. Carrie-Ella fell in love with fiction, words and stories. Brought up on Disney movies and a strong passion for music. She was a regular misfit in a world which was not ready for anyone to be different from the normal around them. She found it hard to communicate freely and struggled with learning information from textbooks. Every small town girl has dreams and aspirations. When everything around her changed the safe haven of writing always remained, giving her the courage to live her life, her way. To find the desire to chase her dreams without herself and others opinions holding her back. She always felt unworthy of being good enough for anyone and herself Carrie-Ella struggles but she never quits, she loves her family and friends who accept her for the outcast she proudly is. She showers love on those who were deemed unlovable and overlooked, just like she was. She is stubborn to a fault which can be both her biggest downfall and her greatest strength. She hopes that the words she writes find others with the comfort they need to feel in order for them to be themselves. She is imperfect but she is herself. She now resides in Birmingham where she has done for the last 10 years of her life.
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