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Description of the Book:


This book contains all the thoughts and realizations which rained in the author's heart and mind throughout the course of his teenage and young adult phase. This is a peek in his calm and messy subconscious when he was either awestruck by the unpredictability of the world, holding on to something while in chaos, or feeling glad and grateful towards the universe. This is a tiny piece of what we all feel so immensely but could not find words for.

It is a collection of both Hindi and English poems which are as random as the white clouds in the sky that come and go throughout the day. Maybe these poems will connect with different readers on different levels or maybe on same level.

The Sky, The Sun and The Blue

SKU: 9789357694971
  • Author's Name: Raghvendra Kaloo
    About the Author: Raghvendra, a 22 year old chap, comes from Washim city and did his engineering from Sipna College in Amravati, Maharashtra. Now works in an IT company. He firmly believes in world being a simple straight path and likes to look at things as they are. When not engaged in his corporate job as a software engineer, he enjoys immersing himself in classical music and meditation. He finds joy in the simplicity of world and writes about deep thoughts in the simplest words. He likes how the complexity of our lives can come down to so small and simple truth of living the life as it comes. In short he is an old school boy who would prefer a tea by himself somewhere far in green fields or just play cricket with his friends under bright blue sky. - Varad Kaloo

    Book ISBN: 9789357694971

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