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Description of the Book :


“Think deep, don’t sink”. The Silent Storm by Shreya Sunil is a collection of twenty poems composed of four states of mind – Tranquility, Love, Pain and Musing. This anthology revolves around the waves of life metaphorically expressed through cathartic poetry. It serves as an attempt to embrace vulnerability through the art of words hoping to connect to the readers in one way or the other.

The Silent Storm - An amalgamation of four states of mind – Tranquility, Love

  • Author's Name :  Shreya Sunil
    About the Author :  Shreya Sunil is a 20-year-old vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and music producer who finds her solace through songwriting and poetry. Currently, she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Journalism and Media Studies. Through her first book, The Silent Storm she aspires to spread the pureness of vulnerability and portray the different waves of life. She feels most at home while creating art as a form of self-expression, be it through music or poetry. Her other interests revolve around skating, travelling, exploring and spreading mental health awareness. Having been a part of various organisations working towards creating a safer mental space for those in need, she believes in narrating her experiences in creative ways hoping to empathise with others in the same boat.
    Book ISBN :  9781005346317
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