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Description of the Book:

This is a collection of poems depicting human emotions and thoughts that keep one from exploring the world and the inner self. Growing into the adulthood brings new challenges which might force us to leave our happiness behind. The fear of "what if" always prevails no matter how much we try to overcome it. Most of us forget about our happiness, but eventually we find a way back to ourselves. This collection is inspired from that epiphany that allows us to relive and start all over again.


  • Author Name: Diviya Mehra
    About the Author: Diviya Mehra is a young mind with a soul that aspires to do well in this world. Her work comprises an element of universal emotion that surrounds everyone, but still remains hidden in the deepest parts of our heart. She explores those emotions through poetry and photography, trying to touch on the issues we all face. Her inspiration comes from the many cycles of life. Being a teacher now, she tries to help her students see the light in this world.
    Book ISBN: 9787494090113


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