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Description of the Book:

It is in the intrigue of the common sights that makes observations uncommon. Inspired by the trivialities in the familiar, this collection of poems seeks beauty in the mundane. The poems will take you on a journey through a dull London night, mention in passing a forgotten lover, describe an afternoon in a run-down city, but mostly they will fill in the time cavities on laborious days with a leisurely break.

The Seed

  • Author's Name: Siddhi Latey
    About the Author: Siddhi Latey is a neophyte poet and a freelance content writer. She formerly worked as a Public Relations professional at Adfactors PR. She has completed her Master’s in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Kingston University, London. Prompted by the intrigue of the English language, Siddhi completed her BA with Honours in English Literature from Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune. Fascinated by peculiar subjects, she pursued them during her Diploma in Liberal Arts. Siddhi seeks silent corners for reading escapades and enjoys long drives every day. A dreamy traveller and an amateur cook who paints when she is misses colours, Siddhi believes that writing is inspired by a spirited lifestyle.
    Book ISBN: 9781005998080


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