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The Seasons Within

  • Author Name: Vikas Bhatt
    About the Author:  Vikas is an IT professional who has been working in a reputed MNC for quite some time now. Reared in a family where language and aesthetics are of primal importance, he has always been enchanted with the works of F Scott Fitzgerald, Sylvia Plath, Kahlil Gibran and Pablo Neruda. His poem,'Do no love him, dear Daisy', a tribute to the sublimity of his favorite novel 'the Great Gatsby', was much loved and crowned him first prize in Yes! I Write Season 2, organised by StoryMirror- an online platform where he also pens his thoughts. He has also been acclaimed for his commendable essays written for the various issues of Competition Success Review. He has an affinity for exploration of language and select warm associations. Having lived both in the hustle bustle of a metropolitan and amidst the serenity of mountains, his works can be interpreted as a translation of an unsung original chaotic symphony.


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