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Description of the Book:

“The Seasons tell Me …” is a series of poetry reminiscing on memories and reflecting on life with the help of elements the seasons provide. My wish is that the reader can interpret my words in their own way to find meaning in them they are able to relate to.

The Seasons Tell Me …

  • Author's Name: Horia Ajheer
    About the Author: Horia Ajheer was born in Afghanistan and arrived in the Netherlands with her family as refugees where she grew up in different parts of the country. Determined to learn this new language she devoured book after book and found a passion for all types of written arts. Poetry was the first form of writing she gave a try at the age of 9 and then sought more ways to express herself. Aside from reading and buying books she takes an interest in languages and photography. Her goal is to capture moments, be it in writing or an image, and make them relatable for whoever interacts with them.
    Book ISBN: 9780181631064


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