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Description of the Book:

An honest reflection of a dark time, ‘The seas in which I stand’ is an intense glimpse into the lows of dealing with mental health issues, suicide, heartbreak & loneliness, grief, unrequited love and self doubt whilst also experiencing some of the most euphoric moments of stillness, calmness, friendship and true unconditional love. This book is a journey through time and a reminder that no matter who you are or what you’ve been through, you’re worth fighting for.

The Seas in which I Stand

  • Author Name: Leigh Halifax
    About the Author: Leigh Halifax was born in Doncaster, England before moving to Adelaide, Australia as a young teenager. Leigh is passionate about making the conversation around mental health issues more accessible and is an outspoken advocate for equality and human rights. Leigh is now a drag queen based in London, England and ‘The seas in which I stand.’ Is his first book of poetry.


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