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Description of the Book:

It's sometimes hard to see the light when our lives are shrouded in darkness. The darkness of guilt, shame, confusion, physical and emotional pain can often lead us to believe that there isn't light at the end of the tunnel. As you read these poems may you hear the Roar of Hope resound in your hearts and minds.

The Roar of Hope

  • Author Name: Sharon Sangeeta Peter
    About the Author: Sharon Sangeeta Peter was born with an innate craze for books. She has always been amazed at how books lend us the ability to transcend boundaries and expand our horizons. An elective paper in Journalistic Writing during her UG, left her with a flair for scribbling away her reflections and thoughts. She believes that poems are the language that her soul is most conversant in. Baking is one of her passions and she believes that she will someday "bake the world a better place." Pursing a Master's in Social Work, created in her, an inclination and passion take up the people's profession. Being a voice of hope in people's lives is a goal that she would always strive to achieve!
    Book ISBN: 911788121301251


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