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Description of the Book:

Reverie Noun A state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream. (Oxford Languages) This short book of twenty poems was created as part of a twenty-day writing challenge. Each of these poems were penned in a single day, one after another. There were no prescribed themes nor categories; as a result they are rather sporadic and share no common link. Some poems are based on past or present experiences, where others are simply musings or interpretations.

The Reverie

SKU: 9789358363890
  • Author's Name: Jayce D. Rushton
    About the Author: Jayce Rushton was born in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, he has lived in a number of different locations around Australia, both urban and regional. Currently studying mathematics and psychology at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Jayce enjoys writing and financial trading in his spare time. Although he has had individual poems and short stories published previously through competitions, The Reverie is his first work written for professional publishing.


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