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Description of the Book:


A compilation of a lot of poems about love, sprinkled with some bit of emotional let-out - seems like the perfect combination right?

This book curated by The Lovely Writer Noel - is exactly that. Whether you're sitting in a cafe with your favourite cup of coffee, or late in the night sitting under the stars - this book serves it all. A short, and truly encapsulating compilation - each piece is here to serve you and your healthy dopamine dose.

Lots of love to all the readers!

The Rebirth, dusting off the ashes

SKU: 9789360946708
  • Author's Name: Noel Pereira

    About the Author: Here is Noel, in a more lighter and newer fashion in his second publication. With a good incident - he discovered that writing, of various kinds - is his kind of vibe. Alongside this - Automobile journalism, Graphology and a bit of sales is what he enjoys. Best part - the readers of this book are a part of this journey! Instagram - @thenoelpereira :)
    Book ISBN: 9789360946708
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