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Description of the Book:


The book titled "The Purple Spark" a collection of twenty poems with different themes. The title is a combination of two words 'the purple' and 'spark', a combination of mixed feelings. Purple is a colour that represents feelings and emotions, associated with spirituality, sacred higher self, vitality...etc. Psychologically the light purple colour represents romantic energy and dark purple represents frustration and sadness. 'The spark' a small amount of quality or intense feeling. Through this, we can define as this title, "The Purple Spark" encourages the mind, body and soul to live in harmony and encourage imagination. Here in this book, contains twenty poems, they are related to nature. Every poem in this collection is a confrontation around me, most of them are formed from an unknown creative mood and reflects the experience of feeling emotional dilemma They are not merely an arrangement of words but it has life, soul and body. From the collection "Homicide" a poem reflects nowadays trendy life how affects the beings around us. Love poems are a reflection of longing for love, care and attention. ''My Book'' express how a person's life revolves around his or her mate by the ways of how much they need to know each other. A poem titled in this collection 'Kiss' an experience. In the other poems, one can read in an optimistic way showing confidence, worry and sadness.


    About the Author: BIBI KARUVATHOTTATHIL, born in Kerala, at Malappuram districts, Pullengode, a village area in a middle-class family with two sister; As the third daughter of Mr and Mrs PK Kunjachen. She started writing at the age of thirteen, her first book "The Vibes of Mind, A Bunch of Poems". After her post-graduation, she worked as a lecturer for five years and currently pursuing her Post-graduation in Psychology. She is a budding young writer.
    Book ISBN: 9781370953653


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