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Description of the Book:


There is a tale behind every tear, There is a tale behind every fear, We all have demons to slay, We all have our own way, This is my mine. This book is a collection of midnight thoughts in poetry form. It is a collection of poems about various issues and emotions. Every poem has a different story, they all represent diverse emotions of daily life. It is a collection of 3 A.M thoughts narrating the tale of author’s life or in connection to her, to us, as a human.

The Peculiar Tale of Midnight Thoughts

  • Author's Name: Navreen Kaur
    About the Author: Navreen Kaur is a poet, writer and a dreamer. She belongs to a small village and her father is a farmer, so she grew up close to nature. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. When she is not writing or knee deep in assignments, you’ll find her curled up on a chair with a steaming coffee mug and a book in hand or listening to music. She is a firm believer that writing is not possible without good music.
    Book ISBN: 9781005690526


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