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Description of the Book :


A collection of poetry from a writer who is just now discovering her place as a poet.

The Ordinary Things is a demonstration of the idea that single words are not always as simple or straightforward as they originally appear to be. From titles composed of single words to short phrases, these poems create unique meanings for common things and see things from a point of view that you would not otherwise expect.

The Ordinary Things

  • Author's Name : Kristen Aretos
    About the Author : Kristen Aretos received an Associate degree in English from College of Lake County back in 2019 and is currently studying English at University of Illinois at Springfield, where she is a member of the editorial staff of the school's literary magazine, Violet Margin. She enjoys writing short stories and poetry in her free time, as well as reading, listening to music, and spending time with her dog Giacomo.
    Book ISBN : 9798201707019
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