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Calling Frank Dawson and Christine Barkley’s romance forbidden is an understatement. She’s a member of an aristocratic family, and he’s just a working man with nothing except dreams. Because of a decision made by Christine’s strict father, the young lovers are separated. Against all odds, however, they find a way to get back together.
And then…only four months before their wedding, Frank is injured in an accident and hospitalized for days. During this time, Christine meets Gino Altoro, a rich Italian restaurant owner who also happens to be a notorious crime boss. Gino falls in love with her, and that love leads to tragic consequences.
Will Frank and Christine find a way to overcome The Obstacle?

Written with power and passion, The Obstacle is a poignant and multi-layered story of wealth, poverty, status, conceit, temptation, murder, and, ultimately, love. It is above all a love story that will live in the reader’s imagination long after ‘the end.

The Obstacle

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