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Description of the Book :


Shreyoshi Das’ debut poetry book takes us on a trip to the various challenges the author faces as a teenager. The poet shares her experience on her struggles with mental health and opens up on how failures and insecurities impact her day-to-day life. The book proceeds to narrate the events witnessed by the poet where individuals had to undergo extreme circumstances due to the conservative mentality of people of the society. The book also expresses gratitude and love to the few people who have played a significant role in the author’s life.

The Obscure Vault

  • Author's Name :  Shreyoshi Das
    About the Author : Shreyoshi Das was born in 2005 in West Bengal, India. Her passion is music and expressing her feelings in the form of poetry and songwriting. This is her debut poetry book. 
    Book ISBN :  9781005497699
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