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Description of the Book :


Do women ever change? Understand Helen´s love, Medea´s vengeance, and Circe´s magic as Eva Jasper explores what it means to be a self-destructive woman in today´s society, and what the tragic figures of Greek myths can teach us about spirituality and modern feminism. ¨We are women, we are witches; our love and our revenge go together.¨

The Mythic, My Teachers - Poetry for self-destructive women

  • Author's Name :  Eva Jasper
    About the Author :  Eva Jasper is a part-time writer of fiction and poetry, and a full-time student of Archaeology and Ancient Civilisations. She draws from her studies to write about the divine, the old, and the strange. She currently lives in the North East of England, where she haunts bookshops and serves coffee. She is also working on a novel.
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