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Description of the Book:


This book is a compilation of poems that provide an insight into the thoughts, expressions and emotions that reside within a man, exploring the human experience as it grapples with philosophical musings, dilemmas and questions, resulting in a marriage of nature, emotions and the being. It is a book that showcases the writer's freedom of thought, as it dabbles mostly in free verse, breaking conventional meters and rhyming schemes, but also hinting at a desire for a certain structure every now and then, that is lost deep within the chaos of the human mind. The beautiful chaos of the human being.

The Mundane Musings of Man

SKU: 9789360947453
  • Author's Name: Anish Sudhan

    About the Author: Anish is your usual university senior who's currently standing at the precipice of student life, ready to dive head first into the corporate world. But that's not going to stop his love affair with the world of arts. He considers art to be the notion of expression at its very core, devoid of boundaries and rules of rationality. As such, he loves all things abstract, translating beyond medium, be it the written word, film, paint, or even philosophical musings.
    Book ISBN: 9789360947453
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