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Description of the Book :


Raw and vulnerable, the author herself will even say this collection of poems aren’t what you’d call literary greats. What they are though, are a vulnerable expression of motherhood; some written during the lowest of sleep deprived lows, when she was barely able to string a sentence together let alone create soul touching imagery or find clever language. Others poured out in moments of spontaneous creative flow when parenting life seemed easy and joyful and her former vibrant self wasn’t just an echo.
Some are deeply personal love letters to some of the most important people in her life, some are honest laments on the role of motherhood. She hopes that these words can resonate, maybe even bring comfort, to all the mamas out there, to let them know that whatever they might be experiencing in this crazy parenting ride, that there’s probably someone, somewhere, feeling the same.


  • Author Name:  Michaela Ford
    About the Author : A mum of three from country Australia, Michaela has been writing as a creative outlet her whole life and in a professional capacity for others for several years. Despite a lifelong obsession for reading and language, this is the first passion project she has published and she hopes it’s the first of many!


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