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Description of the Book :


A look in this book: Poems with no legs A boy in a dress An imaginary friend Autumn and a park bench Heart full of poison The stages of separation Childhood innocence An ocean of pain A girl with no name Many Incomplete sentences Muses for genius Alone at recess The black sky of night The inevitability of time Love found in words Kindness in turn A labyrinth of eclectic thoughts Madness has wrought Nature and her might Fireflies in flight The universe’s power The moon and her sunflowers

The moon & her sunflowers : A collection of musings

  • Author's Name :  Victoria Jade Moss
    About the Author :  Victoria Jade Moss is a Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer living on the picturesque Gold Coast, Australia. Most of her time is spent writing or reading kept company by her devoted Border Collies; Skyrim and Halo. She also enjoys being with her family who communicate primarily through ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ quotes. Victoria is currently working on her first novel and figuring out the world of blogging and can be found on Instagram and GoodReads @loveeyourshelf
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