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Description of the Book:

There are secrets that cannot be shared Feelings that cannot be described Pain that cannot be expressed in one go Wounds that cannot be healed Fear that cannot be overcome Tears that cannot speak Screams that cannot be heard Desires that cannot be satisfied And a lifetime full of if's and why's So before I disappear I'm leaving my heart in this book like a pressed red rose which carries death and life in the same essence.

The Midnight Rains

  • Author Name: Meer Hijiet
    About the Author: Hijiet rafiq is a pre-medical student hailing from shopian kashmir. She started writing poems and fiction from 2019 . She has written almost 30 poems and few fictions. She is inspired by dead poet's society. She mostly writes about the struggles of life and social issues. She writes romantic love poems as well . Her writing is based on experience and observation. When not observed in latest gripping page turner, Hijiet loves painting, reading , gardening and enjoys traveling and otherwise spends far too much time on her laptop.
    Book ISBN: 9781005695781


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