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Description of the Book:

The Middle Child is a deeply chaotic roar in the face of adverse circumstances, biphobia, marginalization, and stifling societal norms and values. It is a quiet contemplation on the wicked and breathtaking parts within ourselves. It is a spectacular journey through future, contemporary, and mythological worlds. But mostly, it is a raw collection of poetic scar tissue from a queer millennial longing to find sanctuary within a shifting landscape. Inspired by historical and contemporary activism, the musical stylings of beat poetry, and the fantastic imagery of horror and science fiction, Peyton James strings together a mosaic of poetic musings depicting the most intimate moments, thoughts, and feelings of a wandering soul in search of their identity.

The Middle Child

  • Author's Name: Peyton James
    About the Author: Peyton James is a midnight poet, weekend jazz musician, part-time educator, and full-time fangirl from London, Ontario. Growing up as an only child, she quickly developed a vivid imagination that could turn Lego buildings into sets of fantastic toy dramas, inspired by her favorite bedtime stories and video games. Later into her teens, Peyton developed a love of poetry with encouragement from two supportive high school English teachers. As an art and photography enthusiast, she takes inspiration from visual scenes to create self-reflective poetry that heavily appeals to the senses. Today, Peyton works as a school teacher to hopefully inspire a love of literature in others and develop safe spaces for children and pre-teens to grow and discover themselves, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, values, and appearance. She is also a co-host of an internet lets play channel called PJ 8Bit. The Middle Child is Peyton’s first poetry collection. To read more of her writing, please visit


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