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Description of the Book:

Sometimes, the only need of a person that remains, is to be understood.
This book is a compilation of different chapters of the author's life. Emotions can create art. The author attempts to communicate her personal experiences, and her feelings in the purest of forms, poetry. She writes this book of poetry as a message for those who hope to be understood. The reader can expect reading about different emotions ranging from grief, excitement, motivation and love from the eyes of a metaphorist. This book is an attempt for the author to help the readers know themselves as she herself is trying to do. Because Kafka rightly said,
“All the love in the world is useless when there is a total lack of understanding”

The Metaphorical eye

SKU: 9789394640146
  • Author Name: Aishwarya Sanghvi
    About the Author: Aishwarya Sanghvi was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She was the ideal student: good grades, popular, friendly, teacher’s pet, the Head Girl. She has a degree in Finance and is pursuing higher studies in the same. She has always shown immense interest in theater, performed poetry, and is an amateur photographer and a culinary enthusiast. She is on a quest to wake up early one day, but she loves the night too much. Her friends would describe her as quirky bordering on annoying and one with a biting sense of sarcasm.
    Book ISBN: 9789394640146


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