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Description of the Book:


Inside this book, you will find twenty poems about love, grief, lust, and several other very human emotions you are likely to experience in a lifetime. While it may seem every corner of the human experience has already been explored, these poems will ignite an entirely new emotional flame in your soul.

The Luxury of Touch

  • Author Name: Talia Hazelton
    About the Author: Talia Hazelton loves nothing more than words, as evidenced by the books in every nook and cranny in her home and the document files taking up a jarring amount of space on her personal computer. She was born in Pennsylvania and has lived there most of her life. She received her English degree from Bloomsburg University in 2016. When not writing, you are likely to find her reading a book in her favorite rocking chair or in the kitchen experimenting with food. This is her first published collection of poetry.


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