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Description of the Book:

A messedup mix of heartbreak, romance, strength, and hope these poems bled straight through my heart and onto the paper. I stumble through emotions with words and land on my own heart and build a new home each time.
Each poem is a piece of my heart and my life, and hope it becomes one of yours.

The Looking Glass

  • Author Name: Ashlesha Pandey
    About the Author: A brew of autumn in the sips of summer, I live in allegories. I write, I think they say I bleed. Poetry doesn't come to me on call but I write in a manic rage at random moments and honestly? I wouldn't want it any other way. Apart from these poetic dramatics, I'm just a simple girl with complex emotions and ambitions way too high. In the walk of life, I hope my poems help you out in some way.
    Book ISBN: 9785545258536


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