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Description of the Book:


The metaphorical world of the lonely Phoenix entails a myriad of thoughts and conversations, mostly within the Phoenix's inner realm and its connection to the outer world. It conceals as much as it reveals, and the only thing it expects from you is a gentle perspective. Within this poetic series, a world awaits your exploration of the unknown.

The Lonely Phoneix

SKU: 9789360948221
  • Author's Name: Disha Baral

    About the Author: Disha is an enthusiast for the grey side of life, fell in love with the world of words quite late in her journey. Despite being a successful marketing professional during the day, at night she enjoys transforming her thoughts into written expressions. This book marks her debut, as she endeavours to unlock a visionary world by manifesting her poems about the unseen realms. Mysticism is what fascinates her, and she hopes it will captivate you too.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948221
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