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"Beyond the microscope lies a world of wonder, a hidden realm of cells and organelles that make up the building blocks of life. In ‘The Little Things That Run the World: A Poetry Tribute to Organelles,' readers are invited on a poetic journey into this secret world, exploring the intricate structures and functions of cell organelles through vivid imagery and lyrical verse.
From the powerhouse mitochondria to the protein-building ribosomes, each organelle is brought to life through its own unique poem, offering a glimpse into the awe-inspiring complexity of our cellular world. But this book is more than just a celebration of science - it's a celebration of the beauty and power of words.
As a first-time science communicator, I have combined my passion for poetry with my love of science, weaving together these two seemingly disparate worlds into a beautiful tapestry of words. Through my exploration of cell organelles, I hope to inspire readers to see the beauty and wonder of science all around us.
Whether you're a seasoned scientist or simply a lover of poetry, ‘The Little Things That Run the World’ offers a unique and captivating perspective on the world of cells and organelles. Join me on this poetic journey into the microscopic world and discover the hidden beauty of our cellular universe."

The Little Things That Run the World: A Poetry Tribute to Organelles

SKU: 9789357748827
  • Author's Name: Shri Vishalini Rajaram
    About the Author: Meet Shri Vishalini, an explorer and inquisitive person with a passion for toxicoinformatics. With Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Genetic Engineering and Computational Biology, she is skilled in biological data curation, NGS data analysis, Multiomics, and R programming. Her ideologies include a belief that learning can be exciting and interesting, that people should be judged by their good qualities rather than their bad habits, and that seeking positivity and goodness in everything and everybody is priceless. Shri Vishalini is on a quest for knowledge, positivity, and happiness, and welcomes others to join her. As an avid reader, she is always on the lookout for new books to explore. When she's not reading, she enjoys dancing and listening to music as her stress busters. She describes herself as talkative, fanatic, and a believer in conscience. As a dendrophile, she sees science in everything and is passionate about building a community that connects science inreach and outreach. She believes that not every person who loves learning is a nerd, but instead could be a philomath - a proud title she claims for herself.

    Book ISBN: 9789357748827

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