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Description of the Book:


In a world that seems to conspire to grind you down, the mind can become a tangled mess: quarter truths, needless worry and the Beasty in the back of the brain can make it impossible to think. It can be chaos. It can be terrifying. It can seem hopeless. At the basement level of Ground Zero, you can lie in the ashes. Or you can build a whisper into an echo. This is one persons attempt at pulling the threads of a messy mind. This is one persons mission to find a voice when depression crushes the larynx. The is on persons journey to fish words out of the spaghetti letters left stewing in psychological soup . These are the poems written from a broken self, accepting the damage and owning the cracks. These are words on shuffled pages, constantly shifting with the wind. This is healing.

The Little Black Book

  • Author Name: Richard Loveday
    About the Author: 
    Richard Loveday (aka 'The Mr Messy’) is an avid reader, part time Pokemon Master and full time dreamer. Often found huddled under the pages of Stephen King, H.P Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe in an attempt to escape reality of a mind racing over time. A conflict with his identity resulted in Richard living with depression and anxiety for most of his life. Channeling his angst at being different into poetry, short stories and art from a young age, Richard has won several Comprehensive School level writing competitions, worked as an Entertainment Editor for his college magazine and published a small selection of short stories and poems. Richard has continued to develop artistically branching into other avenues such as theatre and hair design. A self proclaimed geek, Richard is adept at the lore of 'DC Comics', 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' and ’Tomb Raider’; all of which have had a profound influence on his work. Drawing from a diverse catalogue of experiences, Richards hypersensitive nature allows for an often brutal exploration into the boundaries of himself. His desire to unashamedly engage in all the aspects of life make this old school romantic as complex as he is endearing. Richard lives in flip-flops beside the sea in the steel worker town of Port Talbot, has an extensive collection of hideously garish shirts and over-sized glasses.

    Book ISBN: 9781005278335


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