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Description of the Book:


A raw, unedited collection of poetry that dives into life with mental illness. Written over the course of 20 days, Karyn Little groups her own personal experiences into three sections: Light, Dark, and Fog. Taking inspiration from the past and present, the poems in this small collection tackle themes of joy, gratitude, loneliness, depression, recovery, and hope; painting an image of what it’s like to live life on a revolving cycle dictated by one’s brain.

The Light, The Dark, and The Fog: 20 Days of Poems

  • Author's Name : Karyn Little
    About the Author : Karyn Little is a writer and mental health advocate based in Toronto, Ontario. After receiving her BA from University of Windsor, she went on to receive post-graduate certificates in Creative Writing and Creative Book Publishing from Humber College. She is also the creator of I Disagree!, a card game that uses hilarious opinions to help those struggling with shyness and social anxiety. You can find her online at
    Book ISBN : 9798201121822
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