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Description of the Book:


The Lemonade Stand is an intricately woven words like that of a lemonade, with a mix of sour and sweetness, from the author to her beloved readers across the fragments and vastness of her little world. Her collection of poems give in a glimpse to the complexities of human spirit and the transformative power of love, offering solace and hope to those who may find themselves on a similar path.

The Lemonade Stand

SKU: 9789360946630
  • Author's Name: Hidhayah Kmp.

    About the Author: Hidhayah Kmp is currently a post graduate student at the University of Calicut pursuing her masters in English Language and Literature. To bloom into a writer isn't a little task, yet every journey begins with a first step. As she takes her venture into the writing world, she opens her arms to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lies ahead, eager to share her voice with the world.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946630
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