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Description of the book:

A collection of songs and tales from the Bard of Flames, Alchilon’s most revered and mysterious wandering storyteller. Many were lost to time, war, censorship, and failing memories, but these remain. Brimming with magic, war, love, and death, these works tell the sometimes beautiful, sometimes brutal history of the land built by giants.

The Land Built by Giants:Tales of Alchilon

  • Author Name : A. L. Lorensen
    About the Author : A. L. Lorensen has had a lifetime passion for writing and the art of storytelling. She graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and maintained her writing on the side. In 2017, two of her short stories were published with a small online publishing company. A. L. mainly writes fantasy, but has dabbled in fiction, mystery, comedy, and anything else that may strike her fancy. This book is her first professional foray into poetry. A. L. Lorensen currently resides in Logan, UT with her husband, their cat, Muse, and their many, many bookshelves. If you would like to read more of A. L. Lorensen’s works, they can be found on her website, A. L. L. Writes, at She may also be contacted via email at


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