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Description of the Book:

If being encouraged to worship Jesus through poetry is lame, this book is for the lame. Short and bursting with hope, “The Lame Will Walk” is a perfect read for anyone who desires to feel the love of God and better understand His heart; an effective vehicle for meditating on God’s word. This collection of 20 heart-stirring poems was inspired by the life of Jesus Christ, and His ongoing work in the world. For the benefit of readers, each poem includes accompanying scripture passages for greater understanding and deeper study. The ultimate goal — helping the magnificent realities of God sink into hearts and minds. May the love and grace of Jesus be felt and savoured through this book, and inspire readers to truly live.

The Lame Will Walk

  • Author Name: Katrina Nydam
    About the Author: Katrina Nydam fills her days creating, writing, designing, and spending quality time with her family and friends in Ontario, Canada. Her favourite pastimes include having heart-to-heart conversations, cuddling with her husband and sons, eating delicious things with her girlfriends, dancing, and hiking to and through scenic locations. As a writer and graphic designer, Katrina aspires to create pieces that fill homes and hearts with Hope. She would be quite content to have her name forgotten, as long as her love for Christ leaves a lasting impact.
    Book ISBN: 9781005662745


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