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Description of the Book :


A collection of confessional poems depicting personal aspects of life, indulging in themes of loss, love, torments, endings and beginnings.

The kind, the mean, and the things in between

  • Author's Name :  Georgia Louise Rigby
    About the Author :  Georgia Louise is a young writer from the North-West of England. In her childhood, she became invested in writing, filling notebooks with short stories and songs, which led to her passion for poetry and prose. So, in the year of 2020, Georgia happily graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, with a degree in English and Creative writing. After the tragic passing of her father, she quickly found out she was with child and overwhelmed with emotions, Georgia used poetry as a way to express her feelings and thoughts, which led to a collection of poems which helped create this book. Currently, she lives with her precious family; her beloved partner, Jacob, and their sweet daughter, Lydija, which is something that a younger Georgia would never have dreamt possible. In the future, she hopes to fulfil more of her writing goals and get more of her works published and become the successful writer she has always strived to be.
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