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Description of the Book : 


the killing of goliath is a collection of me facing my enemies, moments framed in words I have put together in times of despair, quietude and sadness. These poems were written everywhere and anywhere, they are what my eyes saw and felt. this is for who requires to hear the truth of living and surviving. This is for who is hurting but does not dare speak their pain aloud. This is for the souls who were once chained, and need to be born again in freedom. This is for those who do not have a seat at the table. This is for my people, my black people.

the killing of Goliath

  • Author Name :  baaba
    About the Author :  baaba is a Ghanian-born Italian artist and essayist who may be your neighbor or your classmate. Born in 2001, she started using poetry and writing as an artistic expression since the age of 15, and since 2019 she uses her art as a way to document, narrate and describe her experiences related to social and interpersonal issues, sharing them on online platforms to spread awareness and create a community aimed to offer support for those who cannot gain access to the help they need.
    Book ISBN :  9781005565572


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