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Description of the Book :

For a person who hasn’t written poetry before, Bianca has taken the #writeoutyourheartout by storm. With her laptop at hand, Bianca has created numerous poems that are based on people and experiences within her life. The book is filled with raw emotions towards the world, art and those held dear to her. Bianca invites you to dive in and connect what is written with your life. The objective is simple, move the audience with the written language, and perhaps it might give you a new perspective and a desire for change.

The Journey of a Mask: A Path to Somewhere

SKU: 9798201372446
  • Author's Name: Bianca Wilson
    About the Author: Bianca Wilson is an artist born in Melbourne, Australia. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts: Drama, a Master’s degree in Teaching and a diploma in Yoga. Whilst at university, Bianca has also studied literature and philosophy. During her free time, Bianca enjoys reading, drawing, films, video games and being in the great outdoors. To this day, Bianca is pursuing her lifelong dream of being an actress.


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