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Description of the Book:

The Ire of the Idyll, gives a glimpse of the invisible hornet's nests gruelling tirelessly deep, in the girth of society. The existence of every life, in this ruthless world, is quite ironic at times. And our run for materialistic possessions, blind our vision, to observe what our life, is actually worth of. Hurdles might not be limited to a certain section, but they are immensely distasteful for some, as their situations, sans human emotions, result in ruthless consequences. All of our lives, is momentary, if not meaningful. You'll witness dead eyes, gleeful tears, painful pleasures and lives of many, as you enliven each character with your imaginations.

The Ire of the Idyll

  • Author Name: Swastik Dash
    About the Author: Swastik Dash is a 19 year old, undergraduate student, born and raised in India. He has written and directed several plays and skits during his school days and continues to do so. In his leisure time, he indulges in either writing or creating artworks. He has received state-level awards for his art. He has also earned accolades for his writings and speeches from different organisations. He wishes to be a promising and distinguished writer in the future. Write to me at:
    Book ISBN: 9781005465896


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