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Description of the Book:

This book includes the deepest emotions of the writer, what she sees in her day to day life, about the world around and the people she meets. A fusion of emotions.The experience of life in her own words. This books is from her soul with the motto to reach and inspire other souls.

The Inner Soul Talks

  • Author Name: Margaret Carvalho
    About the Author: Margaret is a working professional filled with the spirit of creating something new and different. She loves to put her hobbies to use by training, inspiring individuals who have buried their skills and talents. Her dream is to be an influencer targetting young minds to grow and run for their dreams and support them in whatever way she can. Writing came to her due to her interest in poetry and fiction. She hopes to entertain, teach, and inspire the generation of past, present and future.
    Book ISBN: 9786897048950


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