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Description of the Book:

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.” Martin Luther King. Life is a journey of finding your true Self amidst all the sadness. We are often pulled in by all the expectations and are going through life as warriors, without truly acknowledging who we are. The inner dialogue with my higher Self is a collection of poems from poet, humanitarian, traveler, writer, yogi, nature lover, and self-help enthusiast Claudia Geluk. The collection is meant to be a mirror reflecting the darkness and potential of those who read it. It tells the story of meeting the dark night of the soul. Feeling lost, pretending, being hurt, experiencing sadness, people-pleasing, having a broken heart, and grief. It is about learning how to embrace the dark and your shadows, to use it to shine your light, and to truly love yourself. As you are perfectly, imperfect.

The Inner Dialogue with my Higher Self

  • Author Name : Claudia Geluk
    About the Author : Claudia Geluk is a poet, writer, and author of the new: The inner dialogue with my higher Self. She works for a large international humanitarian organization while going through the school of life. Until two years ago, she thought she had it all until she got an eye-opening experience after visiting a refugee camp in Jordan, followed by a retreat in Bali in a period of 10 days. She writes about the lessons in her (spiritual) journey, as the current path has been with many downs and lows. While running away from being who she is, she decided to face the dark and has embraced that part of herself. Her name, meaning happiness and fortune in Dutch, she has been passionate about helping others to find their true happiness and Self, and is using her writings as a guide for others.


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