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Description of the Book:


The Ink pond is the first ever puddle of ink that Dr.Aditya Saha could not only find in the forest of words that dot his mind but also chart a route out to it for his readers . Born out of the puddles of his solitude , he has put forward this small pond of myriad colors for you all to sail paper boats , to wade ankle deep in it , to fish out singular lines that set ripples in your heart and to watch your own reflections in the surface of ink .

The Ink Pond: Reflections on a Page

  • Author's Name: Dr.Aditya Saha
    About the Author: Dr.Aditya Saha as his prefix suggests is a doctor ( tempered and welded in Holy Child School , Mohitnagar , Jalpaiguri and North Bengal Medical College) who loves not only saving the lives of human beings in its literal terms but also to keep them sane with his pieces of poetry and other short essays that he posts in his Instagram page . He has been born and brought up among books near the foothills of Himalayas in three towns of West Bengal ( Jalpaiguri , Malabazar and Siliguri). When he is not busy with either reading or writing , he divides his time among his instruments ( keyboard, harmonica and melodica ) and drawings .
    Book ISBN: 9781005692087


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