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Description of the Book:


This series of poems titled "The Infinite Pleasures of Things and Living " encapsulates the senses and pleasure of rarely grasped and soaked simple aspects of life. When you do find a way to stop your mind's chatter and sit boringly in the moment, it is like putting a 3D glass into a black-and-white world. Suddenly there is hidden poetry everywhere from a coffee bubble to a cosmos. Even poison holds a haunting beauty... This book is like a tiny bridge of human experience between what is already felt and what could be felt.

The Infinite Pleasures of Things and Living

SKU: 9789360944902
  • Author's Name: Amrutha Srinivasan

    About the Author: Amrutha wrote her inaugural poem "Porcupine" at the age of 10. Two decades later a misadventurous bone fracture forced her to take an unplanned hiatus and gave her time to initially squander on Netflix, reels and books. Fed-up by their witlessness, she closed out distractions and simply slowed down into daily boring moments and out came this lyrical journey diving into the infinite pleasures of everyday things and living.
    Book ISBN: 9789360944902
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