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Description of the Book:

A solid escape from your daily rush. By the window seat, on a busy day, ever looked out to think what the lives of people around you would be like? This is a chance to walk through 30 stories, in an hour! Experience a new emotion along the ride, and peep into a stranger’s life through this “Window”. The pain, sorrow, grief, joy, innocence, agitation, and harmony in these stories will open your soul, and let you accept them as yourself. At some point in your life, you would have stood to bear the same emotions, this relatable tale would be a warm hug, to know you’re not alone. To put a smile on your face when you see them survive, and thrive through life is all this book is about!

The Imperceptible Window

  • Author Name: Charulatha Suresh Kumar
    About the Author: Charulatha Suresh Kumar is a Rocket Scientist and the author of her debut book, “The Imperceptible Window”. She loves exploring herself and around the phase of this Earth. She’s passionate about Music, Art, and Theater, occasionally tries cooking. She is a public speaker and loves to have a medium of expression. She can often be found clubbing too many hobbies and later overthinking about it. She’s a sucker for adventures and in the near future promises exciting novels and inspiring stories. Her world revolves around her family, cat, and friends. Her happy place is typically chilling with her family, a good nap and a hot plate of Biriyani; while enjoying Chennai’s monsoon weather. She’s either indoors or goes wild in the club, there’s no in-between. She is bold and compassionate. You can follow her on Instagram @theripplereflection.


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