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Description of the Book :

One moment you are here, breathing and living life as if nothing else mattered.

You feel embraced and loved, misguide life as forever happy until it is cut short by the one you loved the most without notice.

Living for over 30 years knowing who you are, until one day all memories fade while waking up in an unrecognizable place. The pen write is intense, dark but it unmasks cruel realities that walk among us, unbeknownst to some but lived by others. Terrifying circumstances hidden through fake smiles by bodies who seek peace while their minds don’t let them live. Bodies that wish to live with minds that want to forever rest. Bodies ruled by bureaucracy and the loss of freedom wreaking havoc dreams

The Illness Within

  • Author Name : Ledine Pereira
    About the Author : Born in a small island on the Atlantic, the beautiful Sao Tome and Principe. From young age she had this amazing and creative mind used in a way to escape the realities of the real world. Often immerse herself in words in hopes she can translate what her heart is feeling. Poetry shaped the way she sees the world in a pure and raw as she feels. upon graduating she pursued a career in helping others and found guidance and comfort in a pen and paper. Other than her love for poetry she volunteers and donates her time for charity work for vulnerable children and young people
    Book ISBN : 9781005829162


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